A great app for travelling drinkers: "HERE - Maps for Life"

The last weeks I had to travel quite a lot. Lets call it "research". And I have fallen in love with the App "HERE - Maps for life"  from NOKIA APPS LCC. It saved my live a few times - at least made me find good bars quick. Also it saved hundreds of € wich I would have normally spend on international roaming. It made my trips just better - also because I love "walking" a city.

HERE is an awesome MAP app - it is available for many platforms, you can find details here:  https://www.here.com

I know - there are many MAP app. But HERE is outstanding. You can download the map of the city or country you are traveling to on your device and can use it offline (you need to register for free to do this). But the download includes all addresses of bars, restaurants, Hotels, Shops etc. Including TripAdvisor, Lonley Planet info, also details for Public Transport etc. And its getting your location via your phone (not data) signal. So you can look up everything you search, each address, and can navigate yourself through the city, without losing one cent to international roaming.

Another great feature: You can create an account and start making lists (best Bars New York, Berlin etc). You can share them on all devices and also access them via a web browser ... so you can prepare a trip quite easy and when you are on the road you can just look where is the next bar etc. you like.

HERE works perfect for me. I love it. You should give it a try


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