Finally: Shindig - a great social Network for Drink Explorers, Cocktail Geeks and Freaks - The Community for Drinkers!

Wohoo ! Finally I found a "Social Network" to my taste. No stupid cat things, no politics, no sports,  no Bullshit.  Some of the "BIG" Social Networks have just become to big and boring. Not "cool" anymore...

But tonight, Nico de Soto was at Le Lion • Bar de Paris and showed me his newest digital playground: a Social Network just to share your drinking experience in great bars with your friends. Its just about Cocktails, Beer, Spirits and Wine - nothing else. And this is what I was looking for!

Shindig - The Community for Drinkers

Go Drink Exploring - Shindig for iPhone from Shindig on Vimeo.

I played around with Shindig tonight and liked it. So I signed up and will start to upload my drinking safaris on Shindig. Why? Because thats one of the only things  I love to share with people from all over the world. Drinking good drinks in good bars and letting others know where you can have a good drink... Thats what Social Media was made for - not for your stupid cats pictures.

If you like to join - download the Shindig Drinking App and look for me as "Joerg Meyer"

Can't wait to see you drink somewhere in the world!


  1. Is it just me or does this app need a lot of work still? Keeps crashing etc

    1. Really sorry to hear you're having issues. Send me an email and we'll look into it right away.

  2. Nice concept, but it seems that they still lack the kickstarter backed Android version of the app. I'll check this out when this step is done, but thanks for the headsup :)

    1. Hey Frank,

      Co-founder of Shindig here. We've been building the Android version this summer and we expect to have a beta release ready by the end of August. If testing goes smoothly, Android Play Store launch will be in September.

      If you'd like to be a beta tester, email me at harry [at]

  3. Antworten
    1. More of a dog guy but to each their own.

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  5. Looking forward to try on android...
    too bad its not published on both versions same time
    Surely a nice idea


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