THE ALBEMARLE COLLINS - Drinks of LE LION • Bar de Paris

THE ALBEMARLE COLLINS by Le Lion • Bar de Paris | Photo by  Bernd Euler ,


  • 60 ml strong London Dry Gin (47% Vol. like Beefeater, Tanqueray etc)
  • 30 ml fresh lemon juice
  • 20 ml liquid cane sugar
  • 20 ml rasperry puree (f.e. from Boiron)
  • Build in Collins glass with ice cubes or fill in shaker - shake, strain and stir.
  • Fill Collins glass with Soda (ca. 60 ml) 
  • garnish with lemon zest

How the Albemarle Fizz transformed into the Albemarle Collins at Le Lion:

In 2005 I "opened" a very small bar called LE BON LION in Hamburg. Less than twenty square meters, very small bar, very small menu. At this time I researched the origins of classic bartending. I studied the old testament written by Jerry Thomas, Harry Johnson and Harry Craddock. The books of wisdom by Charles H. Baker and David A. Embury. And the new testament by Charles Schumann, David Wondrich and Dale DeGroff.

In one book of the new testament, THE CRAFT of the COCKTAILS by Dale DeGroff", I found a little text about the "Land of Milk & Honey". Dale DeGroff was telling his story how he got in touch with Sasha Petraske and his Bar Milk and Honey. And the Classic Drinks Sasha start to serve again, like the Albemarle Fizz.

2004 I heard the first time about Sasha Petraske and his bar. Since this moment, I have scanned everything about Mr. Petraske in the world wide net.

Even if we never really meet him (only once, for a very short hello), I think no one in the modern cocktail world influences the way I build LE BON LION and LE LION • Bar de Paris more than Mr. Petraske.

So I started to serve the Albemarle Fizz at LE BON LION and it became a very huge success. Three years later, in 2008, this success became a problem at LE LION. We sold very much of this drinks. But somehow, the recipe became "twisted". Regulars sometimes ask for a bigger glas with ice cubes, bartenders played around with raspberry puree instead of fresh raspberry (which gives a super intend red color including the "I want the is also" reaction of guests) and us bartenders startet to serve different versions of the drink.

When you love classic cocktails like I do, you are always unhappy with the fact that bartender serve different versions of a drink.

So I decided to create a "new" drink, which combines the fresh raspberry puree (brings in the super red color) and a "longer" serve "on ice" in a collins glass with bigger topping of fresh soda water.

We modified the recipe of the classic Albemarle Fizz and we started to serve the Albemarle Collins. Like our Gin Basil Smash, it has become a great seller (its the second best selling drink at Le Lion).

A great refreshing fruity taste on a gin base.

Today, I sometimes smile when I see a tray of Albemarle Collins and Gin Basil Smashes being serves at Le Lion. It reminds me on a old bartenders wisdom: Great taste combined with great color sells even better.


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