The perfect (Repeal Day) drink: The 18th Century Style RYE N' DRY Highball

Rye and Dry with Old Potrero 18th Century Style Rye at our BOILERMAN BAR • Hamburg

Two month ago, our company "Lion Barbetriebe GmbH" opened a second bar in Hamburg: THE BOILERMAN BAR - Highballs & Music.

Writing this, I realized that I never even drop one single word about this new bar on my blog till today. Wow. Opening Le Lion I "spammed" all Social Media channels with my new bar - I even started my own "how I build the bar" Blog in cooperation with Mixology Magazin at

So, things have changed. I have learned a few social media lessons and I think, it is not any longer about me, spreading the word. It is about our guest and customers. Finally - compared to six - seven years ago, social media has reached most of the people which brings us back to an outstanding situation: The only thing we have to do is DELIVER GREAT WORK. People will talk about it - if they like it. It's not my Job any more...

So, we finally can concentrate on what we can do best again: Serving Drinks and make people happy.

I LOVE the BOILERMAN BAR from the first day we open it. The new Team around Andrej Busch: Friedrich, Adrian, Kai Philipp, are doing an amazing job - and looks like people in Eppendorf really enjoy our neighborhood dive bar.

And I promise, some day, if I find the time, I will talk a little bit about the concept and all this. It is not a classic bar. We mainly serve Highballs. It is all about Highballs. We even have NO Shakers in the Bar. So no classic shaken drinks are served. Next to Highballs our focus is American Whiskey. So you can enjoy lots of Bourbon and Rye at the BOILERMAN Bar. As a shot. Which we highly recommend in company with one of our bottled beers. An Indian Pale Ale from Munich for example. Amazing.

Or you choose your "serve", how you like to enjoy your American Whiskey. As a Manhattan, a Julep, an Old Fashioned, a Sour or as a Highball. In THE BOILERMAN BAR we see this Drinks more than a category of service style and I have the feeling that we are damn right with it.

In the last two month I received a few calls and emails from other bartenders in Hamburg. They ask me "What the hell is a RYE N' DRY?" People asking for it, had this at THE BOILERMAN BAR and it is one of our best selling Highballs. And it is super simple. It is Rye Whiskey and Ginger Ale. In a Highball Glass (no, it is NOT a long drink glass) served as a Highball (which is NOT a long drink).

It is simply called Rye 'n Dry after the Ginger Ale product and company which became very famous during prohibition. "CANADA DRY PALE GINGER ALE - The Champagne of Ginger Ales!"

Quoting the companies history it shows, that this company has become very successful during prohibition :"Canada Dry's popularity as a mixer began during Prohibition, when its flavor helped mask the taste of homemade liquor."

So, if you are planing to "celebrate" Repeal Day - a Rye and Dry should not be missed for an authentic menu!

Enough history - going back to DRINKING 2012:

I love simple drinks. Two Ingredients is my personal KING's category. For sure, it is all about the "hidden" Ingredients. Like ice and the knowledge of the bartender. That is, what it is all about. As a good bartender you should impress people with a two ingredients drink - not with five or more.

Sometimes, very rare, you find a drink reaching this level. Checking out the Old Potrero 100% Straight Rye 18th Century Style as a Rye and Dry Highball Service, I discovered one of this KILLER DRINKS.


The story of the 18th Century Style Edition of Potrero Rye Whiskey is already a good reason to buy yourself a bottle of one of the best Rye Whiskeys I have tasted so far. 100% Rye. Old Style Barrel manufacturing, powerful ABV.

Having this wonderful Rye as a Highball, with a splash of Ginger Beer, you all of a sudden have one of the best drinks ever in your hand.

But, I have to warn you:

A bottle is min. 70,00 € and up. And after one 18th Century Potrero Rye n' Dry you will be addicted!

Think, before you try this, if you really can afford such a your new favorite drink. Because I promise you, you will love it!

Addition: Some people asked me for the Ginger Ale I have used. At THE BOILERMAN BAR and LE LION • Bar de Paris we currently use THOMAS HENRY GINGER ALE.


  1. You likely know this but this drink is also called a Presbyterian. Congrats on the new project!


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