Rare first Edition of Harry Johnson from 1882 - Harry says: Angostura is the finest Bitter in the World

WM  Harry Johnson 1882  first Page   jrgmyr


WM  Harry Johnson 1882 second Page  date  jrgmyr

I just received a few old and very rare books. Finally I was the proud owner of a very rare first Edition of Harry Johnson for let's say 24 hours - because I  resold it to a great collector somewhere in the world. Having a looks at this fine book, I was wondering. Between the English and the German part, Mr. Johnson gave his recommendation about Bitters. And, this is New: In the first Edition He is recommending Angostura Bitter as the finest int he World. From 1888 Edition it changed and let's face it - did someone influence a great Bartender later on to become and change history ?

Seems like 1882 - Angostura Bitter was the finest to use:



WM  Harry Johnson 1882 Angostura 1  jrgmyr


WM  Harry Johnson 1882 Angostura 2  jrgmyr




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