Interview with Ian Burrell - A German Rum Festival by Ian Burrell?

During my time at World Class in India I did quite a lot of interviews with people from all over our industry.  I few of them I like to show here as well. The Talk to Ian Burrell was great. He is doing a great job since five years as the "Rum Ambassador" and was the first one who invited a Rum Festival five years ago in London. He was able to create a great mix of Industry and Consumer people at this Event. Rumors says that Ian is going to start traveling with this Event through Europe. And I guess, even if he not confirmed 100%,  that he will come over 2012 and do his Rum Festival in Germany. This year, Dirk Becker from Rum Club Berlin starts the first German Rum Festival. So looks like, next year we will have two ... Germany 2012: Three Barshows, two Rum Festivals?


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