Summer in the City: The improved Mandarine Collins - Mixing Cognac

THE IMPROVED MANDARINE COLLINS NO I served in LE Lion • Bar de Paris - Hamburg

Summer in the City. It's hot in Hamburg this days - time for a great refreshment. And even if we think, that a Estival Manhattan is kind of fruity way to go for a classic drink, from time to time we need it a little bit more refreshing.

Smashes, Sour, Fizzes und Collins are the way to refresh yourself the Old Skool way. Don't forget a d Pimm's Cup but why should we go more fancy for a Summer refreshment? This simple classic's will do the best job for refreshment.

So, this spring I created kind of the first independent German Bartender Competition. The Liquetition. As the named says, Cocktail lovers were called to use a liqueur as one of the main ingredients for the drink.  

Sven Sudeck, Gobal Brand Ambassador for Sierra Tequila from BORCO Markenimport Hamburg introduced me to an very old guy I meet like ten years ago. BORCO today is responsible for the Distribution of Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur, coming from Belgium. And so he showed me this liqueur for the Liquetition.

"Man, long time no see..." Last time we meet, I was tending my Bar in our Restaurant ATLAS in Bahrenfeld. Since then, I never had used it again. I am am not sure if I ever used it in ATLAS.

So, why not try something "new" (I even did not remember one single aspect of the taste). So, I tested Mandarine Napoleon - WOW!

This bottle, which stand like 5 years unused in ATLAS, impresses me now. From the Bottle: "distillate of macerated mandarine and herbs in alcohol, sugar, cognac. Coloring agents: cochineal, caramel".

The taste: Very fine mandarine notes, fruity, elegant, herb and bitter at the end. Which I really enjoy. Just this liqueur on ice will work out good. But the taste panel of this Manadrine Napoleon seems to be made for refreshing Summer drinks. I had to check out one!

So, I decided to go for a very simple mix, which I add some great Cognac. A Mandarine Collins. Before this post I checked it on Google and had to rename the drink to an Improved Mandarine Collins. The Mandarine Collins was taken by a shaken (??) Gin drink (Why mix Gin & Cognac?). But ok. Here we go:


40 ml Mandarine Napoleon
20 ml PARK VSOP Cognac
25 ml fresk lemon juice
10 ml simple sirup
50 ml Soda

Build in collins glass, stir, fill up with ice, stir until its cold, fill with soda, stir short, serve.
Zeste, (Mandarine, also Lemon and Orange will work).

So, this drink is a really refreshment. And I am not sure if I will end up in a NO. II. Because there are still some regulating screws to adjust maybe. If you love Cognac (like me and Mr. Kappes -> check out this man for GREAT stuff) you will raise the amount of Cognac. Maybe a 30 ml to 30 ml. Or even higher. If its very hot, you may adjust  soda up to 10 ml for a very light drink, Also, the base mixture gives a great (improved) sour.  But this mix will work out fine in our bar. And if you love Cognac like we do, come to the Bartender and - Pssssst - ask for an IMPROVED MANDARINE COLLINS No. II for an extra splash of Cognac.


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