"Kappes Kognac" - Lions looking around for some great Cognacs - do you have?

Dear PR Agencies, Promotion Companies, Importers, Global Players, Niche Dudes, my fellow Cognac Producers,

NOW, its your turn. Since three years a few of you guys, not all - to point that out, SPAM my email account with press releases, advertisement and other boring marketing stuff. Ok. Now you go me. Don't get me wrong. Your bad style communication did not attract me at all. But, now I am on Cognac. Set.

I was sitting an afternoon with Mr. Kappes. We hat lot to much Espressos (and to be honest - YES . we had NESPRESSO, because Le Lion serves NESPRESSO - more about this in next Mixology Magazine Issue).

So Mr. Kappes and Me had a great Brainstorming Afternoon, sitting in Le Lion, enjoying Espresso and we did, was Mr. Kappes always did. He was going to pour in a small glass of Spanish Brandy. Because: He loves Brandy. But we realized that our favorite Brandy Brand run out of stock last night and we still were waiting for the delivery. So, somehow I decided: Lets go for a Cognac.

I did a big mistake. Not in choosing Cognac. Taste was fantastic, hit our mood in a great way. Problem was, Mr. Kappes and me start talking about Cognac. Until seven, so he was in delay with mis en place and we didn't come to do our administration stuff. Like always.

But, we had a great talk about Cognac. Cognac has lots of problems. It's unsexy, old skool. There were some ridiculous starts to promote Cognac as the new Mixing Spirit in the last years. All fail. Remember Hennessy Pure White?

Cognac is often totally overrated and much to expensive. You get more Value for money with f.e. Spanish Brandy and, if we stay with dark spirits, lets say Rum.

The neat sipping Cognac Connoisseur is dead. Nearly. But, still: Cognac is a great Classic. Like Champagne. And we have a subtitle :"Bar de Paris" - So how about presenting best Cognacs we think we are able to find in the future. And also, we had a few very cool Ideas for Mixing Cognac in a new way. I guess we had to bring in Mr. Baumann for a few Champagne Cognac drinks on that for sure.

Finally, we will concentrate on Cognacs. We will check out what's possible. We will set up a few tastings. We are not afraid of the expensive one, even not to mix them.

We will do a deep research on Cognac. We have a few great ideas how to mix them in a classic and a new way. We will check them out. And now it is your part: If you think you have a great Cognac. NOW you can send me an email! You can do. Let‘s get in touch. We don't care about if you have a distributor in germany or not. We take care of that. We are just looking for the best quality in Cognac we can find. We love to serve a few of the best Cognac in the World. But please, don‘t send me your marketing bull..t .pdf. I am not interested in your portfolio. Tell me why one, two, maybe three of your Cognacs taste fantastic. I will talk to people who love their product and understand what they do. I don‘t want to talk to marketers. If you are a marketer selling Cognac you are already lost. If you are a passionated guy selling cognac: Do you have the Cognac we are looking for?

Send your emails to

Jörg Meyer
Joerg @ lelion.net

Postal Adress is

Le Lion • Bar de Paris
“Kappes Kognac“
Rathausstrasse 3
20095 Hamburg

Mr. Kappes and me looking forward to hear from you: "Kappes Kognac".

P.S. Recommandations by our fellow readers are more than welcome.


  1. Hallo Herr Meyer,
    meine Empfehlung für Herrn Kappes wäre ein Cognac Meukow XO, dieser erinnert mich zuweilen sehr an Brandy und es lässt sich vorzüglich damit mixen...

    Für Sie selber empfehle ich den Cognac:
    Château Fontpinot XO Domain Frapin
    Premier Grand Cru du Cognac
    wahrlich ein Meisterstück!!!
    oder ebenfalls ein wunderbarer Cognac:
    Pierre Croizet XO, 51,7 %

    Mit besten Grüßen aus Berlin

  2. Großartig, 3 Jahre habe ich auf diesen Moment gewartet - endlich ist Cognac-Zeit beim Herrn Meyer. Dann werde ich zusehen, dass dir eine Lieferung des Nischencognacs zugeht, für den ich arbeite - und das seit mehr als drei Jahren gerne und mit Leidenschaft.

    Apropos Cognac & Marketing: Rapper & Schauspieler Ludacris macht das mit seinem Conjure Cognac ziemlich clever.


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