Are you Brand enough for this? Final Categorie Bar Shirt Awards: BEST CORPORATE BAR SHIRT 2009

Two days ago, Stephan Berg of the Bitter Truth hat a picture on facebook with the title "Mr. Meyer take this!"

Designed by Alexander Hauck, these two gentleman are entering our Bar Shirt awards and very cool.
I liked the shirts and it was 110% Bitter Truth Style: Quick, clever, creative, good design .. Thats what small brands normally do. They do the brainwork, the "BIG PLAYERS" are seen as slow and old skool, and potentially just suck the creativity of the small barnds (mostly only after two years...)

I was wondering if in our bar industry, the "big ones", are a little bit more creative then I gave them credit for. So yesterday I decided to set up the below (I promise, it is the final shirt category)

Ladies and Gentleman:


Here are the Rules:

• Every "Liquid" Brand can enter this competition, except anything Energy Drink Related and anything beer related, because both should not be promoted by bartenders (me thinks)
• To enter the competition Brands should do the following:

• You must create a shirt uniquely made for this specific competition. Shirts already existing priort to this competition should not be entered and the "entering candidate/brand" of such a shirt will be disqualified.

• Shirts must promote liquid brands. We prefer spirits, but are happy to accept cool "Fillers" like Coke, tonic etc are also welcome. Chips and Pipi Nuts Competition maybe considered for next year

• The Shirts have to be worn during this years BCB in Berlin and the Competition starts @6 pm on the 4th October 2009 and ends @ 6am on the 7th October 2009.

• Only videos / photos of someone wearing "your Creation" taken by one of the following people will be accepted: Mario Kappes, Marcel Baumann, Angus Winchesterm, Xavier Padovani, John Garkuru, Hidetsugu Ueno, Ricardo Sprotsledge, Jörg Meyer - lets call them the bribable eight. If you do not know at least one of these people there is no point in entering the competition! Photographs will be taken during the specified 24 hours, but please - do not stalk the bribable eight (bodypaintings are a welcome extra of course).

The actual Jury: Even if all bribale eight can take photos, the judges for this competition are only Marcel Baumann, Mario Kappes, Hidetsugu Ueno, Ricardo Sporsledge and Jörg Meyer (this ensures all brands can enter)
Xavier Padovani has promised NOT TO PHOTOSHOP CUCUMERS into the Photos!

May important notes...
• feel free to create as many different shirts as you like - however it is like a good bar its Quality that matters not Quantity.

We believe the best option is you spread your love while you dish them out for free to the bartenders at BCB
• The Winner is the Brand promoted ON the shirt. Make sure there is only one brand promoted on on a shirt. Stay fair to other brands and don't diss other brands. That what some (bad) brand ambassadors do every day in our bars. It's bad style. If you are good it will be obvious to all!
• To give you a hint: If you are a small brand - triple-digit may work out, four-digit is always a good start, as a global big player DO NOT start UNdER five digits. Got It?
• The Nominees (Best of) of all categories will be announced on 8th October 2009.
• The Winners will be announced at 15th October 2009
• The Competition will be unequable
• All judgments are final
• Judges are corrupt.
• Legal recourses of any kind are impossible.


First and only price is: Team of Le Lion, presumably Mario, Marcel and Jörg will do a Day Workshop (from 8.00 moring to 18.00 evening) to promote YOUR BRAND! Location is your choice. We will Not charge you our usual DAYRATES.

All other costs, such as traveling, hotel accommodation & food and incl. Bottle of Champagne (we like your style) is on you.WE will decide the content of this workshop ... but we promise to PROMOTE your brand, in our very unique way. Did we mention that we prefere doing this workshop lets say in Ney York or Japan ... but its up to you. We also will do it in Warne Eickel! This is a gentleman agreement, if you win this competition we keep our word. But if you behave like an utter twat we always have the change to play the "emergency brake" wild card - we send you six bottles of Bollinger and we are out. So please, lets play this game cool.

Are you in?

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