The secret ingredient in Pol Rogers Winston Churchill Cuvee. A healthy perspective on capitalism.

2002 Winston Churchill - Pol Roger - great wine !

Yesterday night, I came down from my office late, around 2:00 am. I just wanted to say Good Bye to team Le Lion after a very long day. 18 hours at the bar and office. Currently its lots of work. Because we are going to open kind of two bars soon. But I enjoy it - no complains.

So I enter Le Lion for a short "Hello and Good Bye" and wanted to steel my daily apple for my cab ride. But, entering the bar, I spotted a few good regulars, and they spotted me. So I joined them at the bar and add another half hour to my long day. Small talk and being a nice host.

They invited me to a good glas from a bottle of Pol Roger's Winston Churchill 2002 . An amazing wine, very good year.

Everytime I have a glass of Winstons Cuvee it reminds me one of my favourite Winston Churchill quotes ever. This is the secret ingredients which I enjoy most, every time I open a bottle of this great wine.

"Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon."

Cheers Winston - Love your perspective! And your wine ...


Knete Gin - Hip Hop wanna be Dre Gin, die Nörgelknete und der Nörgelknete Highball

Knete Gin - Deutschlands erster Hip Hop wanna be Dre Gin 

Seit gut zwei Wochen verkaufen wir Knete Gin und unsere Version der Nörgelknete, den Nörgelknete Highball, in der Boilerman Bar. Der Nörgelknete Highball ist unsere ver-highball-te Interpretatiton der großartigen Nörgelknete aus der BOOZE BAR Berlin. Kreiert von Karl Knete - wem sonst.

Der Drink entwickelt sich in der kurzem Zeit ohne großes Zutun zu einem Besteller der Boilerman Bar. Platz Sieben der Drink Charts in knapp 14 Tagen.

146 Nörgelknete Highball a 7,50 € in ein paar Tagen

Wir sind gespannt, wie sich der Knete Gin und der Nörgelknete Highball entwickeln werden!

Rezept Nörgelknete Highball:

40 ml Knete Gin
10 ml Sweet and Sour
70 ml Ginger Ale
Sexy Bitters druff

Deko: Zitronenkranich

Viel Wichtiger natürlich: Den original Nörgelknete in der Booze Bar probieren. Aber wem erzähle ich das...

Boilerman Bar - Lager


For insights and some backstage snaps find me on Snapchat ... jrgmyr

Since a few weeks I started to use my Snapchat account again. In know: People say its for kids and for nude pics. 

But they are wrong (at least since the update from 2015, where they introduced stories). Its all about your story - the last 24 hours of your day. 

I like so many aspects of snapchat - but you have to decide on your own.

Just remember: The people which tell you today snapchat is for kids said the same 5 years ago about facebook.  Today these people are facebook adicted... 

For sure, if you start using it - it is unusual. You will need 2-3 days to understand - but come on: your are not that braindead that you already fight all new and unusual - aren't you?

If you like to have some insights and backstage views of my working live - running two bars and living "the dream" - sometimes 20 hours a day - add me on snapchat and watch out for my stories.

Happy to share some snaps with you.

My handle is: jrgmyr 


A Christmas gift by Robert Hess: The Gin Basil Smash, a modern Classic, on Small Screen Network

I just woke up and already got my first christmas present! I became a few notifications from friends of Le Lion that Robert Hess just published a new drinks video on Small Screen Network.

Wow. It is a great feeling to see a person I look up to since +10 years and learned so much from making your drink, calling it a modern classic and finally loving it ...

Thanks Robert ! Will be hard for Santa to beat you.


Mario Kappes will leave Le Lion • Bar de Paris and starts to work as a Brand Ambassador for BORCO MARKENIMPORT

Wow. It’s a little bit hard for me to write this news today. Don’t get me wrong, I am suffering from a short night and a medium size hangover. (Did we really had caramel flavored vodka shots at the end?). After Mario told me yesterday that he will leave Le Lion end of march 2016 to start working as a Brand Ambassador at BORCO MARKENIMPORT I needed a little moment to get thinks sorted. Very very sad news - for sure. 

But than I decided: it is time to celebrate ! 

So Mario, Hendrik and me started a little night out. To say Thank you to Mario on one side and also, far more important, to celebrate what he has archived in the past which now brings him a very interesting career opportunity for him and his family. To celebrate Marios future, because I am also a little bit proud what Mario, as the longest Member of Team Le Lion has archived in the last couple of years.

I knew that Mario was negotiating with BORCO about a future career „outside“ the bar for a couple of months. We often had talks about our career and our future. Will wel work in bars forever? And over the last past 8 years Mario has often become job offers, especially from the industry. We often made jokes about it…

But we become older and at one point, the job of a bartender is quite hard especially with a loved family. I had experienced the same - The moment your kids come to school you stop seeing them during the day, only see them at the weekends, where you have to sleep most of the daytime, cause you work long hours at night. 

Night work itself is just very hard in general as a lifelong lifestyle, and also, I totally understand the feeling after +1700 nights at Le Lion and I guess up to 20.0000 hours behind one bar, the idea of doing something totally new like traveling, presenting, training people, creating strategic etc. is a very attractive idea. 
And so, at one point this year, I kind of forced Mario to take the BORCO offer at least serious and try to negotiate hard to see whats possible. And Mario did. 

What I really like about this is that BORCO was not looking for someone to do a job. They just wanted Mario not some Brand Ambassador. Like so often, Mario set a new Milestone in our industry - And I am very happy to see that he will now work for BORCO. One of the most integer family run businesses in our whole industry. Old skoll Hamburg style - outstanding company - best possible choice Mario, if you ask me!

I guess Mario will keep setting milestones. Mario has so much potential and parts of it, he never could play out behind our little bar. 
Dear Mario,

it is time to conquer the World - you deserve it!

Thank you very much for the last 8 years at Le Lion. Without your work, our little bar would not be what it is for us today. I have never meet someone in my whole time tending bar like you. No one more passioned, more loyal, more human. I am really curious to see, what will happen in the future. I know you will kill it. And, as I told you yesterday, a nice side effect of all this: We will have more time to go out for drinks again - and I promise we will do!

Standing Ovations for you my friend! And thanks for all the good time Mario. 


P.S. Falls Sie Mario  Live und in Farbe erleben wollen gehts hier zum MARIO KAPPES EVENT - Drinks und Geschichten aus 20 Jahren hinter der Bar !


Sam - The Sommelier from London. A sparkling Credit Card fraud with Champagne

Yesterday in the early evening I was in the kitchen of Le Lion. I saw the world greatest Bar Back, Kaies, checking the champagne chambrair. " Seven bottles of Dom Perignon Rosé, eight Vintage ones" he gave this numbers as a notice to a bartender on the phone.

Sam was giving us a call from London.

He is coming to Hamburg tomorrow. He is meeting up with some very important Sommeliers. He has a very important meeting with them. But somehow his champagne provider fucked it up. So his is calling "high end" Bar to help him out. He is looking for Armand de Brignac. If we don't have it, Dom Perignon would be also ok...

I just observed all this: the phone call, out Bartenders checking out stock etc. Sam will call us back.

Sam called again. After checking stocks, the bartenders gave him our "in house" prices and it looks Sam doesn't care about the price. All bottles together would be a total of around 6500,- €. He said he is fine with the price. If it would be possible to give the credit card details via phone, so we could charge the total and a driver will pick up the bottles tomorrow afternoon directly to the meeting.

Bartenders asked me, if that would be ok. I said no. Sam has to come, we need the check the Credit Card (Black Amex is what he announced), get an authorization and need to see a passport. Something was wrong with this boy.

No Problem says Sam. He will come tomorrow and bring the card and everything. He is so happy that he found someone from the trade who will help him out.

For sure he didn't come. For sure no one is picking up Sam's British pre paid cell phone number shown on our display. The story was quite good. Bartenders like sommeliers. They are Brothers in mind.  The point I started wondering: Sam did not ask for the year of the champagne. Which a geeky sommelier always does. And he did not negotiate the price - which is unusual if you ask me. I was wondering if Sam found yesterday night a Bar or Hotel who made the deal with him.

Hopefully not. Would be a shame to lose good champagne to a semi professional credit card cheater.


An die Freunde des Löwen: Ueber Gin. Ueber Trends. Von einem, der auszog Genever zu entdecken und den Celery Basil Smash nach Hause brachte

Von Zeit zu Zeit schreibe ich eine Mail an die Stammgäste des Le Lion • Bar de Paris. So wie diese Woche. Tool: Mailchimp. Hier können Sie sich auf meinen Verteiler eintragen: Freunde des Löwen.
Werte Freunde des Löwen,
ich weiss, ich erzähle Ihnen nichts neues: Gin ist in aller Munde. Keine anständige Hausbar mehr ohne fünf verschieden Ginsorten. Und seien wir ehrlich, Sie haben doch auch schon das Zweit- Tonic im Kühlschrank, oder?

Wenn sich also auffällig viele charmante Menschen einem guten Getränk widmen, nennen Medien das gerne einen „Trend“. Das wiederum bring diese charmanten Menschen in Schwierigkeiten. Denn Sie wollen alles, insbesondere Qualität, nur eines nicht: einem Trend folgen.

Einige, gerade erst an Gin gewöhnt, verfallen in Panik und suchen schon eine Ausweichflüssigkeit. Die „coolen“ Bars schrauben Ihr Gin Sortiment zurück, einige Bartender mit „Bildungsauftrag“ rümpfen neuerdings bei Ihrer Gin Tonic Bestellung die Nase und die ganzen coolen Hunde blicken ihnen tief ins Auge und sagen: „So etwas servieren wir Ihnen nicht (mehr)!“.

Irgendwie lächerlich.

Ich weiss, als ein Freund des Löwen sind Sie ganz sicher nicht so ein wankelmütiger Geselle. Gutes Trinken braucht vor allem eines: Haltung! Es geht von jeher darum, gute Produkte zu entdecken, zu prüfen und bei Gefallen für sich zu gewinnen. Dann kann da draußen passieren, was da wolle. Man bleibt dabei und trinkt erstklassig!

Sicherlich, es geht darum, die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen, die Blender von den wirklich guten Produkten, die selbsternannten „Craft“ Spirits von ehrlicher, guter Handwerkskunst. Das ist, gerade wenn etwas „Trend“ wird, anstrengend. Denn es drängen viele Scharlatane in die Kategorie. Aber es gibt noch viel zu Entdecken, und diese Freude und das damit verbundene flüssige Vergnügen, werden wir uns nicht nehmen lassen.

Vor einigen Wochen nun, erzählte mir ein guter Bekannter, Thorsten, von einer kleinen Firma in Dordrecht bei Rotterdam, mit denen er geschäftlich zu tun hat. Rutte & Zn. Sie produzieren seit mehr als 100 Jahren traditionellen Genever. Und was er mir erzählte, weckte mein Interesse. Das roch nach so einen echtem und guten Produkt, nach Handwerkskunst und Erfahrung.

Genever gilt als Ursprung des Gins. Hört Hört! Doch das meiste was ich bisher mit Genever verbunden hatte, war eher in der Kategorie „farbloses“, Wodka ähnliches Destillat mit kleinem „Geschmäckle“ anzusiedeln. Und es hatte mich nicht wirklich gewonnen. Vor ein paar Jahren kam der Bols Genever auf dem Markt und er hat mir gut gefallen. Allerdings fristet er ein eher ruhiges dasein in einer Ecke der Bar. So recht häufig kommt er nicht zum Einsatz.

Aber den Erzählungen von Thorsten zufolge „dreht“ man bei Rutte & Zn zum Thema Genever komplett durch,aus Tradition! Und ehrlich gestanden, hatte ich die Kategorie Genever nie richtig verstanden. Gefährliches Bartender-Halbwissen. Also dachte ich, ist es Zeit für eine Bildungsreise nach Holland. Ich wollte ausziehen, den Genever zu entdecken. Ich war gespannt. Nach Jahren voller Gin war es jetzt Zeit, seine Wurzeln zu verstehen, und wer weiss, vielleicht gab es dort etwas zu entdecken? Wir formierten eine kleine Rutte Reisegruppe.

Ich zog aus und fand wundervollen Genever. Unglaublich komplex, jenseits von Neutral Alkohol und Botanicals. Junger Whisky, sie nennen es Maltwein, vermählt mit einer Art Gin, viele ungewöhnliche Zutaten hin zu gerösteten Nüssen, alles mit der Erfahrung vieler Generationen gewonnen, fernab von künstlichen Aromen, alles aus frischen Produkten. In unglaublich vielen Macharten. Miriam Hendrickx, die Masterdestillerin, ganz nach meine Geschmack. Sie übernahm die Destillier-Kunst vom letzten Familieninhaber, Herrn Rutte, vor mehr als 12 Jahren. Und kam wie die Jungfrau zum Kinde. Studierte Lebensmitteltechnikern, heiratet einen Kubaner und lebte in Kuba, wurde erst Salsa Tänzerin, dann Salsa Lehrerin, kommt nach vielen Jahren zurück nach Holland und wird: Destillateurin. Miriam Hendrickxs ist wie ein gutes Destillat. Viele ungewöhnliche Botanicals ergeben mit Talent einen interessanten Gin!

Ich stellte fest: Rutte & Zn, Produkte wie die Menschen dahinter, sind ganz nach meinem Geschmack.

Seit gut drei Jahren gehört Rutte & Zn nun zum DeKuyper Portfolio und der große Bruder hat für drei Produkte den „Export“ in die Wege geleitet. Seit kurzem ist der OLD SIMON Genever sowie der Rutte Dry Gin und Rutte Celery Gin in Deutschland erhältlich.

Und ich warne Sie vor: Sollten Sie ins Le Lion kommen, werden wir Ihnen in Zukunft häufiger Genever empfehlen. Und ich befürchte, er wird Ihnen gefallen. Ein Martinez Cocktail mit Genever oder ein Savelberg, kreiert von unseren Bartender Jan Halfpap, wird Sie ganz schnell zu Genever Freunden machen, da bin ich mir sicher.

Vertrauen Sie mir.

Und wir werden weitersuchen. Nach Genever, denn das Interesse ist mehr als geweckt.

Aber ganz ohne Gin geht es dann doch nicht. Als ich den Dry und Celery Gin sah, musste ich diese probieren. Beide ganz ausgezeichnet. Aber der Celery Gin ist außergewöhnlich. Außergewöhnlich gut.

Und ich tat, was ein Löwe tun muss: ich gab Basilikum hinein und mixte mir einen Celery Basil Smash - ein Gin Basil Smash mit Celery Gin. Wow. Wunderbar!
Celery Basil Smash - ein Basil Smash mit Rutte Celery Gin.

Celery Gin gibt unserem Basil Smash im Nachgeschmack Tiefe und Würze, was mir unglaublich gut gefällt.

So gut, das ich den Celery Basil Smash auf die Karte nehmen werde. Und da ich den Gin Durst der Hamburger kenne, dachte ich mir ich verhandle mit Miriam vor Ort gleich einen Paletten Preis. Da musste ich lernen, das Micro auch kompromisslos Micro heißt.

„Im Moment kann ich Dir 6 Flaschen Celery Gin schicken Jörg - in drei Wochen dann eventuell 60...“

Nunmehr hat uns die erst „größere Ladung“ Celery Gin erreicht und wir freuen uns, Ihnen beim nächsten Besuch einen Celery Basil Smash zu mixen (Solange der Vorrat reicht...)

Ich bin auf Ihre Meinung sehr gespannt!

Und hier noch ein wenig zum Thema Gin und Genever, um Sie auf der Suche nach guten Produkten, Trend hin oder her, zu unterstützen:

Und sollten Sie einmal in der Region Rotterdam sein, besuchen Sie Miriam in Ihrem kleinen Shop mit Destillerie. Die Vielzahl an guten Genever und Ihr „nicht von dieser Welt“ Cuban Coffe Likör rechtfertigen schon allein jede Reise

Bleiben Sie sich treu - trinken Sie gut !

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Jörg Meyer


THE BUSINESS OF BARS: The top 30 selling Brands and Drinks at THE BOILERMAN BAR

THE BOILERMAN BAR Top 10 Sales from October 2014 to October 2015

A little bit longer than 3 years ago, our company Lion Barbetriebe GmbH opened their second bar: THE BOILERMAN BAR. Our Idea was to create a kind of total opposite of LE LION • BAR DE PARIS our Classic Bar in the center of Hamburg.

So we created a Dive Bar concept, where we took all thinks, which we do not like on dive bars, out. Our goal was an easy and relaxing neighborhood, dive  bar with a little bit uptempo atmosphere. But to keep our core values from also Le Lion. Very friendly, competent staff, fresh and quality ingredients, a great value for money. The rest we flipped. Next to this we wanted to create quick and easy to prepare drinks. Not boring. With a story. Great in taste. And strong and tasteful ( another Lions core value).

So we researched the history of Highballs and found out that they are everything else than Longdrinks, Spirits with a filler and all these boring style. (btw: Still the Definition of Highballs is kind of  „wrong“ in every modern Bar Book I found to this date). So we gave Highballs a great rebirth and created a very quick preparation system behind these mixed drinks with the most important rule: Quality first. 

Hoshizaki Ice Balls, Premixed, No shaker, Boilerman Working styles worked out very good. And more important for the customers: We made them smaller in size and price. So its more fun to taste more different drinks a night without getting hammered or poor.

We created Highballers. I love the definition from urbandictionary.com: “Some one who works harder than a motherfucker“. We created Highballer behind the bar and „before“. Cool people hanging out in Eppendorfer Weg 211. 

Andrej Busch, Headbartender of Boilerman Bar, and his great team, since than did a mind-blowing job. 

And we „reached“ our secret goal. Since we lost 3 years long lots of money in establishing our classic Bar LE LION • BAR DE PARIS (which now operates smooth and finically successful) we wanted to create a system which becomes finically successful from the beginning.

And our evil plan worked out. Operation THE BOILERMAN BAR  „makes“ money from the first day.

Boilerman is a small bar. Around 35 seats and maybe 35 to 40 people to stand when it becomes very crowded. In three years we kind of doubled the yearly sales. In the last 12 month (October 2014 to October 2015) our Brutto sales was: 614.321,50 €. Nowadays, Friday, Saturday and Thursday night becomes sometimes so crowded, that we need to rebuild the working station a little bit in the near future to create a kind of second one. In the Moment, up to 4000,00 € of sales are done by one bartender a night. And please remember: Boilerman drinks are smaller in price and size. Most drinks are from 5,00 € to 7,50 €. So 600 + Highballs on a busy night. 

Currently we work with a cloud based POS Ipad system called Gastrofix. I know, most people still think that running a small bar is all about creating Cash Money. But believe me, times have changed, Mafia days are over. The Business of Bar and Hospitality is a tough and awesome business. So I love numbers and great system to check them. 

Because of our weekly staff training I looked up the sales of the last 12 month and found them kind of interesting. 1/6 of all sales is our interpretation of the Gin Basil Smash - our Gin Basil Highball.

Gin is still a super big seller. Hendrick’s is strong. The Hamburg GIN SUL first time overtook the loved MONKEY 47. German Gin in general is strong!

The focus of THE BOILERMAN BAR is from the beging on American Whiskey. The awesome ELIJAH CRAIG 12 years we sold a few palettes over the last 3 years. No better Bourbon to get for your money. We are sad to hear that Heaven Hill will soon bring out a Non Age Elijah Craig version. Guess we drunk out all the good stuff. Not enough 12 years old left. So, hurry up to order your palette of this awesome stuff.

At Boilerman Bar we sell Classic Whiskey Cocktails as a kind of "Build it your own" System. You choose the 2 ounces of liquor you like and we add just 2,00 € for mixing you for example the "Smoothes Whiskey Sour in town" (without a shaker !) . Just to explain you what „BOURBON SOUR SERVICE“ 2,00 € Sales are. 

Behind the Drinks we name the main spirits brand which we currently use in the this drink. We never do pouring contracts our something related at our bars. We let the customer and the our feeling for good quality decide. In my opinion, pouring contracts with brands are the wrong way to go for a good bar. We ask for good prices for volume for sure. But no contracts. If we decide that another ingredients is better than the one we used till today, we change menu and recipe the other day. I love this freedom.  (But still, looks like I have to talk to Sven Sudeck from the Retailer Company: BORCO Marken Import Hamburg. As I realized, many of the brands come from BROCO. Looks like they have a great understanding of finding value for money in the market. Time for a price negotiation ...) 

So, „enjoy“ our Top 30 selling products list from THE BOILERMAN BAR. If you have any questions or „opinions“ let me know via comment or send me a mail at joerg (at) jrgmyr . net .


QuantityArticlePriceTotal Sales
14060Gin Basil Highball (Finsburry Platinum Gin)7,00 €98420,00 €
6216Moscow Mule CC ( Green Mark Vodka)6,50 €40404,00 €
3821Fl. Ratsherrn Pilsener 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €17194,50 €
3197Fl. Tegernseer Hell 0,5 ltr. BEER5,50 €17583,50 €
2596Bourbon Sour Service ( various Bourbons)2,00 €5192,00 €
2558Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic7,00 €17906,00 €
2366Sloppy Joe‘s Mojito (Bacardi Gold)6,50 €15379,00 €
2229London Buck (Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin)6,50 €14488,50 €
1779Dark n‘ Stormy (OVD Rum)6,50 €11563,50 €
1754Highball of the day (various - daily)5,50 €9647,00 €
1660Gin SUL Gin & Tonic7,50 €12450,00 €
1660Pimm‘s Cup5,50 €9130,00 €
1584Monkey 47 Gin & Tonic7,50 €11880,00 €
1575Cuba Libre ( Abuelo Anejo Rum)6,00 €9450,00 €
1550Elijah Craig 12 Years, 6 cl9,00 €13950,00 €
1518Tanqueray Gin & Tonic6,00 €9108,00 €
1503Weinschorle Riesling WINE4,00 €6012,00 €
1401Bourbon Highball (Elijah Craig 12 Years)6,50 €9106,50 €
1266Fl. Ratsherrn Pale Ale 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €5697,00 €
1224New York Sour Highball (Four Roses Bourbon)7,00 €8568,00 €
1129Fl. DEMORY PARIS Astroblonde Pils 0.33 ltr. BEER4,00 €4516,00 €
962THE RAMOS Highball (Hayman’s Old Tom Gin)7,50 €7215,00 €
960Fl. Buddel Ship IPA 0,33 ltr. BEER4,50 €4320,00 €
879Glas Riesling Wittmann 0,1 ltr WINE4,00 €3516,00 €
818Harvey Wallbanger ( 42 Below Vodka)6,50 €5317,00 €
744Elijah Craig 12 Years, 3 cl4,50 €3348,00 €
721Green Mark Vodka Traditional Weizen, 3 cl4,50 €3244,50 €
711Spicy Morgenthaler Highball ( Darnleys Spiced Gin)6,50 €4621,50 €
652Whitley Neill Gin & Tonic7,00 €4564,00 €
648Panamento (Abuelo Anjeo Rum)7,00 €4536,00 €
Total Sales top 30 Articles Incl TAX388327,50 €


ESCRIMADOR - Über Bartender Kuriere - die 10. Punkte Promotion Methode nach Albrecht

Klick aufs Bild vergrößert die geheime Bar Servietten Botschaft recht lesbar

Was glauben Sie eigentlich, wie man einen Drink bekannt macht?

Große und kleine Spirituosen Konzerne schwören ja seit ein paar Jahren auf sogenannte Cocktailwettbewerbe. Ich befürchte, Sie setzten dabei auf das falsche Pferd. Denn Gewinner Drinks von Nationalen und Internationalen Cocktailwettbewerben bleiben in der Regel ein Opfer von ein, zwei Pressemitteilungen und später Brand Interner Promotion. Ein ausgetretener Pfad. Nichts für Profis.

Vor kurzem ist mir ein Bild aus dem Sozialen Netzwerk Aktivitäten des Kleinen Phi "zu Ohren" gekommen. Es scheint mir, als hätte der talentierte Mr. Albrecht einen eigenen Weg gefunden, seine "Neukreationen" in andere Bars zu bekommen. Gefällt mir.

Die 10. Punkte Promotion Methode  "a la Albrecht"

  1. Man erarbeitet einen neuen Drink ( Hier: der ESCRIMADOR)
  2. Man serviert diesen Drink einem dieser geschätzten Stammgäste, von denen man weiss, das Sie am Abend immer noch in eine weitere gute Bar ziehen (in diesem Falle PAUL, in diesem Fall: DAS KLEINE PHI). Paul findet den Escrimador super !  ( falls nicht, muss ein anderer Kurier gesucht werden - wir brauchen authentische Begeisterung!)
  3. Man öffnet eine kleine Flasche Perrier und genießt die stark kohlensäurehaltige Erfrischung
  4. Während dessen: Konversation mit Paul - kleiner Scherz, kleines Kompliment, Sympathie aufbauen! 
  5. Man "premixed" einen Escrimador "für zwei" (ohne die "frischen Zutaten" - HIER: Limetten Saft und Minze) und füllt diesen Premix in die zuvor geleerte Mineralwasser Kurier Flasche
  6. Man spendiert Paul einen Drink. Wir brauchen Ihn "willig und gefügig".
  7. Man notiert auf einer Cocktailserviette einen legeren Gruß und das Rezept für den Original Drink sowie die Arbeitsanleitung für den Premix.
  8. Man weiht Paul in den Plan ein. Somit ein weitere "Frei Drink" in der nächsten Bar - Gruß ans Barteam etc. Paul, willig und gefügig, ist begeistert.
  9. Man schickt Paul ins Rennen. Flasche und Cocktailserviette werden überreicht. Finale Komplimente. 
  10. Man kontrolliert nach ca. 30 Minuten in regelmässigen Abständen die Social Media Streams der Adressaten. Veröffentlichungen werden wohlwollend gefeatured.

Hendrik Albrecht, Le Lion • Bar de Paris, 2015

  • 70 ml Don Papa Rum (7 Jahre)
  • 20 ml Creme de Mure, Gabriel Boudier
  • 20 ml frischer Limetten Saft
  • 4 Minz Zweige
Methode: Shake, double strain, on the rocks
Glass: Old Fashioned
Dekoration: Minze


How to fuck up a speech on a barshow. A little "Black Out" during my BCB Session

It seemed like this years BCB my good old friend Bastian Heuser wanted to make me a present. He asked me If I could do a speech on BCB on „How to open a bar“. I agreed. 

As he send me later the Schedule, I was like:  „WOW“: Second day of BCB. Last Speech on Mixology Stage. Thats absolutely prime time. I love this final slot. The atmosphere is always very cool. Everybody is  a little bit in party mood. Its show time. I am fine with it.

I have done dozen's of speeches on bar shows. I would say about myself, that I have quite a routine. 

The theme was great for me. I love to talk about things I actually have done, I stop talking about things I have never experience myself. Opening a bar I have done at least 5 times in my life now. all good!  So I had written down my major points on my „how to open a bar“, had sorted out a little story for each of them and wanted to open my speech with our little film LIQUID COURAGE about our young and very talented bartender Hendrik Albrecht. Emotions!  And a little rant on a brandy company which fucked up there last cocktail competition, because they failed to answer applications - also the one from Hendrick .

So I started my speech and knew that the video, and the first little rant would be a laugh and an applause. The right start for the audience to relaxe and get a little infotainment at the end of two long barshow days and longer nights.

And there, after 15 or 20 minutes, I felt it the first time. All of a sudden I felt dizzy. Shaky, loosing a little bit control for seconds, felt like my blood circulation was breaking down a little bit. It was hot, very hot on stage. I haven’t had food since 9 am. What was going on?

It was only a short moment of time. I started to go back to my talk. But couldn’t focus anymore. While I tried to go on with my talk, the other side of my brain tried to check myself.  The giddiness came back, a little longer, a little more intense. Meanwhile, the other side of my brain continued talking. But I lost control. I tried to follow my speech, but I had totally lost the track. I talked , as far as I guess right now, quite nonsense. I became a little panic: Will I black out on stage ? 

Finally I decided I had to stop my talk. It was already lost for at least 10 to 15 minutes talking more or less stupid stuff.  People gave me still an applause, that confused me even more in the moment ( But which I appreciate very much from this perspective - merci!) 

I needed fresh air. I had to leave the stage. I fucked up the final session of BCB. And I hated it. I love to deliver. This time, it wasn’t possible for me.

Friday and Saturday I suffered from a very bad flu. I decided to go Sunday towards BCB to do an event at Croco Bleu. Since Sunday Aspirin Complex was becoming my very good friend. I stayed away from most of the alcohol offered all days and night (And it is a lot - as you all know ..) But the nights became long. And sleep was very less. Aspirin Complex is a very nice "upper". So at least it "seemed" all the days. An Mixology Award night with a great Award to celebrate, two great days on the trade show, and great nights and dinners.

But finally it all was a little bit to much. Shame is, that I disappointed a great audience. I am sorry for that. 

One thing on the other other hand surprise me. The among of messages reaching out for me after I left stage.  If I am ok?  Wow. Thanks you all! 

Yes, I am fine. Just wanted it all in one with a flu inside. And got a red card for it. I have learned my lesson. Sorry for not delivering as promised this time.