How to fuck up a speech on a barshow. A little "Black Out" during my BCB Session

It seemed like this years BCB my good old friend Bastian Heuser wanted to make me a present. He asked me If I could do a speech on BCB on „How to open a bar“. I agreed. 

As he send me later the Schedule, I was like:  „WOW“: Second day of BCB. Last Speech on Mixology Stage. Thats absolutely prime time. I love this final slot. The atmosphere is always very cool. Everybody is  a little bit in party mood. Its show time. I am fine with it.

I have done dozen's of speeches on bar shows. I would say about myself, that I have quite a routine. 

The theme was great for me. I love to talk about things I actually have done, I stop talking about things I have never experience myself. Opening a bar I have done at least 5 times in my life now. all good!  So I had written down my major points on my „how to open a bar“, had sorted out a little story for each of them and wanted to open my speech with our little film LIQUID COURAGE about our young and very talented bartender Hendrik Albrecht. Emotions!  And a little rant on a brandy company which fucked up there last cocktail competition, because they failed to answer applications - also the one from Hendrick .

So I started my speech and knew that the video, and the first little rant would be a laugh and an applause. The right start for the audience to relaxe and get a little infotainment at the end of two long barshow days and longer nights.

And there, after 15 or 20 minutes, I felt it the first time. All of a sudden I felt dizzy. Shaky, loosing a little bit control for seconds, felt like my blood circulation was breaking down a little bit. It was hot, very hot on stage. I haven’t had food since 9 am. What was going on?

It was only a short moment of time. I started to go back to my talk. But couldn’t focus anymore. While I tried to go on with my talk, the other side of my brain tried to check myself.  The giddiness came back, a little longer, a little more intense. Meanwhile, the other side of my brain continued talking. But I lost control. I tried to follow my speech, but I had totally lost the track. I talked , as far as I guess right now, quite nonsense. I became a little panic: Will I black out on stage ? 

Finally I decided I had to stop my talk. It was already lost for at least 10 to 15 minutes talking more or less stupid stuff.  People gave me still an applause, that confused me even more in the moment ( But which I appreciate very much from this perspective - merci!) 

I needed fresh air. I had to leave the stage. I fucked up the final session of BCB. And I hated it. I love to deliver. This time, it wasn’t possible for me.

Friday and Saturday I suffered from a very bad flu. I decided to go Sunday towards BCB to do an event at Croco Bleu. Since Sunday Aspirin Complex was becoming my very good friend. I stayed away from most of the alcohol offered all days and night (And it is a lot - as you all know ..) But the nights became long. And sleep was very less. Aspirin Complex is a very nice "upper". So at least it "seemed" all the days. An Mixology Award night with a great Award to celebrate, two great days on the trade show, and great nights and dinners.

But finally it all was a little bit to much. Shame is, that I disappointed a great audience. I am sorry for that. 

One thing on the other other hand surprise me. The among of messages reaching out for me after I left stage.  If I am ok?  Wow. Thanks you all! 

Yes, I am fine. Just wanted it all in one with a flu inside. And got a red card for it. I have learned my lesson. Sorry for not delivering as promised this time. 


Wie man seine erste Bar eröffnet. Und Bettys Tequila Chug Rezepte. Ein Gespräch mit Bettina Kupsa, THE CHUG CLUB.

Auf dem kommenden BCB habe ich AIR TIME. 60 Minuten auf der Mixology Stage. Thema :" How to open your first bar".

Um das Thema nicht nur von "meiner" Warte aus zu beleuchten, habe ich ein paar Gespräche mit "frischen" Barbesitzern und Besitzerinnen geführt. Bettina Kupsa ist eine davon. Sie hat vor drei Wochen Ihre Bar THE CHUG CLUB in Hamburg St. Pauli eröffnet.

Wir reden über Ihren Weg zur ersten eigenen Bar. Und "Chuggen". Denn im THE CHUG CLUB dreht sich vieles um "Chugs" - Bettinas Wortkreation zum Thema "kleine Drinks". Und um Tequilla. Anbei die Rezepte der "verkosteten" Chugs.  Aber viel mehr Sapß macht natürlich eine Besuch von Bettina. Oder um es mit Ihren Worten zu sagen: GO CHUG YOURSELF !

The Chug Club Margarita

5 cl Milenario Blanco
2 cl Patrón Citronge
2 cl Limettensaft
Rim aus Ursalz


5 cl Anejo Tequila - Sierra Antiguo
2 cl Sour Rhubarb De Kuyer
2 cl Erdbeershrub*
Top mit frisch gemahlenem schwarzen Pfeffer

*  Erdbeershrub
  • 650 g Erdbeeren
  • 500 g Zucker 
  • muddeln und über Nacht ziehen lassen 
  • 700 ml milder Essig auffüllen - umrühren und ca. 1 Std. ziehen lassen - 
  • fein abseihen

Nata Dulce

4 cl Milenario Anejo Tequila
2 cl Kaffeelikör
1 cl Haselnusslikör


Taubenstrasse 13
Hamburg, St. Pauli


Die Hotelbar. München, London, München - Ein Gespräch mit Roman Kern, THE CHARLES, München

Roman Kern ist ein Assistent Bar Manager im THE CHARLES Hotel, Rocco Forte, München. Er liebt die Hotelbar und arbeitet an seiner Karriere dort.

Von München nach London und zurück nach München ist der derzeitige Stand der Dinge. Ich ahne schon, dass ich irgendwann einmal, in ferne Zukunft,  irgendwo auf der Welt in einer  Hotelbar sitze, wo mich deren Manager Roman erneut begrüßen wird.

Es gibt Bartender die meiden Hotelbars als Arbeitgeber. Andere wiederum lieben sie, die einzigartige Atmosphäre und die Möglichkeit Weltweit in den besten Hotel Bars zu arbeiten. So wie Roman Kern. Ein Zwischenstop auf dem Weg zum Bartender, der Karriere in der Hotelbar und allem was danach noch kommen mag...


Achtung Unterhaltsam ! Ein Gespräch mit Miguel Fernandez Fernandez. Der Weg zum Bartender - ein Zwischenstop!

Achtung. Ich garantiere: Wir haben während dieses Gesprächs weder Alkohol getrunken noch sonstige Drogen zu uns genommen. Aber es ist Energie in der Luft. Gute Laune. Die versprüht Miguel Fernandez Fernandez im Dauerfeuer. Das macht ihn in meinen Augen zu einem begnadeten Kollegen. "Dummes Zeug" reden gehört wahrscheinlich zu den unterbewertetsten Fähigkeiten eines guten Bartenders (sicherlich gepaart mit dem Wissen und Feingefühl, wann man diese "Waffe" einsetzen kann und wann nicht). "Dummes Zeug" kann eine Intellektuelle Meisterleistung sein - sozusagen die Königsklasse des Small Talk.

Bei Miguel könnten sich meine Ellenbogen Zentimeter tief ins Barbrett graben, egal was man trinken würde und wo, der Abend wäre grandios.

Im Sommer 2015, kurz bevor er seine große Asien Reise startete, traf ich Miguel. Nach dem Gespräch startete Miguel eine 4 wöchige Reise nach Hong Kong, Indonesien, Bali, Bangkok und Singapur. Er besuchte Bars und Kollegen.  Und er sich wieder Entscheiden. Für die Bar! Hurrra!

Er hat den "großen" Schritt gewagt - Ende Oktober tritt er die Stelle als Bar Manager im Ritz Carlton Hong Kong an.

Glückwunsch Miguel - Ich freue mich auf meinen nächsten Hong Kong Besuch!


Visiting Myriam Hendrickx at RUTTE & ZN. Producer of finest Genever, Liquors, Dry and Celery Gin

A few weeks ago, Thorsten Husmann told me about his new project he is now working for. RUTTE Distillateurs in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Rutte & ZN was bought three years ago by DE KUYPER Company and they have now set up some of their products to distribute also outside Netherlands.

The story on how small these company is (small shop, with a attached small distillery, warehouse, mini bottling and aroma laboratory (finally  a bigger "Kitchen")) sounded like a fairytale - and I could not believe.

So Thorsten invited me to visit them. And what I saw and who I meet, I felt in love with. Also, what I drunk.

I will come up with more about RUTTE here sone. First I did an Interview with the Masterdistiller Myriam Hendrickx. A very passioned woman, sympathetic and a real master of catching natural flavours in a liquid. I felt in love with her CUBAN COFFE, the Genever with fresh roasted Hazelnuts and also the new CELERY GIN.

I brought a bottle of Rutte Celery Gin to germany and I tried it in our Basil Smash. - Wow !

This Gin brings our GIN BASIL SMASH on the second level. Super interesting after taste. Complex - killed me. So I am negotiating with them now- how we bring a few boxes over to Le Lion - because I cannot wait to serve you a Celery Gin Basil Smash ( and sorry Mario - I know you will hate me for that)

Im going to do a talk with Myriam and Simon Difford on how Rutte is catching in all natural flavors in  liquids and how they do these special Genever and the Gins. I guess Myriam will come up with some valuable story on how to catch flavors for all your home flavour producers  ... so please feel free to join. At least I can serve you a Celery Gin Basil Smash! Enjoy the Interview.

• Tuesday 6.10.2015
• DEMO BAR A - English  - Time: 13:25 - 14:00
• RUTTE Distillateurs - Dordrecht, Niederlande
Über 140 Jahre Erfahrung im Herstellen von Spirituosen/Destillaten. Ein Gespräch mit Myriam Hendrickx (Master Distillerin), Simon Difford (Inhaber des Diffords Guide) und Jörg Meyer (Inhaber von Le Lion - Bar de Paris und The Boilerman Bar) über Vodka, Genever, Gin und einem außergewöhnlich guten Sellerie Gin.

A little rant on Cocktail Competitions! oh wait - its more about us, the bartenders.

A few days ago I posted on Twitter:

" If you think you have TALENTO,want to become WORLD CLASS or create your LEGACY, proof it in your bar every night & stop doing competitions"

Jacob Briars, Global Trade Advocacy Director of Bacardi, a person I highly respect in our Industry,  responded to me on twitter and it become quite a discussion.

But I like to roll out my thoughts behind this tweet also here on my blog, cause I felt uncomfortable with a 140 character discussion on twitter. Because, first of all, I don't want to be unfair. To Bacardi (LEGACY), Diageo (WORLD CLASS) or Pernod Ricard ( Havana Club) with (TALENTO and their Global Cocktail Competition).

First of all, this is not a critic on this three competitions. There are many in our Industry. These are the most famous ones. We have so many. International and Global ones. But also National ones like the German GSA Competition from MIXOLOGY Magazin. etc. Dozens. Hundreds?

Second of all, my tweet is not "a critic" the people they set up these competitions. If you ever have been part of one, especially a big international one, it will be the experience of your life. These companies are very generous in setting this up, and we will find many positive aspects of these competitions. For sure - I do not like some developments of most of them. But in general: Thank you to the Sponsor.

Me tweet is finally a critic on us - the bartenders. Something has changed. I don't like it. What I have spotted over years is: We Bartenders started to take this cocktail competitions serious. That is  a mistake.

Competitions - mostly developed from people who are bartenders or are very much connected to them - used to be a big fun. A generous party, a great come together, added more and more with also some inspiring training aspects, a superlative network event, generously paid - merci !

For sure, over the years, marketing toke over. Marketing is fucking up everything. Always. Competing bartenders had to spam their social networks with marketing activities and other stupid marketing stuff. But hey - finally also ok. Our "friends in the brands" had to prove the bosses why they every year needed more money for a bartender event. Finally, if you commit to be part of it, you should go all in. Nothing to complain. Thats the deal Mr. Bartender.

So, do not get me wrong: It is nothing wrong with the brands and the people who set up these competitions. They put a lot of money, work and love into it. Thanks again.

My critics in my tweet is not against the brands. Its about the competing bartenders. Not all of them. Some. And on other bartenders. Finally on all bartender who really think these competitions make you a better bartender. I disagree. They do not!  And in the moment I have the feeling that they make some bartender even more poorly bartenders.

Because they start to think that it really means something to win these competitions. If you expect to become a great bartender with winning a competition - I think you are wrong.

Winning a competition does not make you a good bartender and does not proof that you are one. For sure, some people who won competitions ARE great and good bartenders. But they became it before they won these nice entertainment events.

Getting a great bartenders will take you several years behind bars, working all positions, working 4,5 sometimes 6 nights a week, 8-14 hours a shift. Dealing with thousands of guests and dozen's of colleagues, building a real team - That makes you a great bartender.

For sure, there are bartenders, who did also all these and are not so great bartenders at all. Some are more talented than others. Finally hours is just numbers.  But I think you cannot become a good bartender without hours. Today I spotted that more and more bartenders think that competitions are the shortcut to become a great bartender. They are not. They are a big party, nice to be part of it, which have not much to do with the daily routine in our profession. Competions can make you kind of famous. In a very small world. But they never make you experienced. Hours and sweat do. To not mix short "fame" with "experience".

If you want to become real WORLD CLASS - start working your asses of, be a great host, give all your passion to your bar and your team. And you will grow. Be clever, travel, network, give seminars, take effort and hours, you do not need a brand for this.

And if you want to create your LEGACY - you have to build it step by step, every night. Share you passions, write about it, communicate. Build relations ships to press and media, have real content and again: work your asses of.

There are no short cuts to become WORLD CLASS and create your own LEGACY !

You don't need competitions for it. Competitions are great fun - but please, don't take them serious.


P.S.  If you like the idea of working 50 hours a week, long nights, all positions, dirty hands, no competitions, no extra jobs by side for the industry,  - just 100% bartending  ( and +100 Basil Smashes per night...)  I have 2 positions I hire for for our new upcoming second floor at LE LION • BAR DE PARIS . And also 1 position we hire for at our second bar THE BOILERMAN BAR.

Send your CV to joerg @ lelion.net


Der Weg zum Bartender. Gespräch mit Daniel Klingseis - La Banca - Berlin • talk jrgmyr

Im Sommer 2015 hatte ich das Vergnügen mit der HOTEL DU ROME Gruppe und dem Magazin Feinschmecker mehrere Gin & Tonic Tastings in Berlin, München und Frankfurt durchzuführen.

Neben den Tasting fand ich die Zeit, mich mit den Bartender er Häuser hinzusetzen. In Berlin traf ich Daniel Klingseis. Hier sprechen wir über seinen Weg hinter die Bar und ins Hotel.


Drinking Protocol - Hamburg - a friday night out with Raoul

We started 17:00 pm 

Location: CAFE PARIS, Rathausstrasse 4, Hamburg. www.cafeparis.net
We shared a Patè and bread

Drinks I had:
  • 3 glasses of Kronenbourg 1664


Time around 20:00 pm

We just left - location: Le Lion • Bar de Paris, Rathausstrasse 3, Hamburg. www.lelion.net

Drinks I had:
  • 1,5 Gin Basil Smash ( we tried 3 different Versions. A „regular“ one with Beefeater 47, one with RUTTE DRY GIN and one with RUTTE CELERY GIn. Rutte works very well but the Celery Version is killing it - I fell in love with ! ) 
  • 2 Shots of Tequila. No Brand. Was a present from Raoul and his friends from Mexico. They used to run LE LEON Tequila and just sold the brand. They are now doing a new, unreleased brand, not published yet. It was a Reposado Tequila. Very interesting Agave fruit. The fresh oak barrel was not elegant. A hint to much vanilla, little to sweet. 

Time: around 21:00 pm

We just left: Location: Kleines Phi - Feldstrasse 42 - Hamburg. https://www.facebook.com/kleinesphi

Drinks I had:
  • 2 Moravia Beer served in a big marmalade jar
  • kind of big Tequila Shot infused with Goji Berry 
  • double shot of Authentic Mexican ( A very Tasty version of the rough „MEXIKANER“ originally serve with Korn - here with Tequila) 
  • "Franzbrötchen" Daiquiri

Time: around 22:15 pm

We just left: Location: Elb Panorama Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 113 - (Special Event Location . amazing view over the harbor Hamburg - run by NORDEVENT)

While watching the Fireworks during Cruise Days at the harbor we had a nice and necessary plate from the great buffet.

Drinks I had:
  • Monkey 47 Gin and Tonic 
  • Tonka Gin and Tonic 
  • nice Shot of Helbing Aquavit 

Time: around 23:30 pm

We just left: THE CHUG CLUB, Taubenstrasse 12, Hamburg https://www.facebook.com/TheChugClub … Bettina Kupsa just opened this cool bar.

Drinks I had:

  • Bandera - Double Shot of Tequila, Lime, Spice Tomato Juice
  • 3 ZwiBi - Zwischen Bier ( beer in between) 
  • Buttermilk Margarita
  • The Rita ( Hibiscus Orange Infused Margarita with Lime Foam and Glitter Sugar)
  • La Patilia ( Old Fashioned Style)
  • ZwiBi - Zwischen Bier - a beer in between
  • Fraise Sauvage ( Stolen from Employees Only - New York City)
  • Gold Digger

01:39 am

I just left THE BOILERMAN BAR, Eppendorfer Weg 211, Hamburg - www.boilerman.de

Drinks I had:

(ok. I tried to cheat Raoul with two fake „Gin Tonic“ which just was Tonic Water and Zeste. He tried to get rid of his drinks and gave them to People around us. After these maybe necessary
  • Gin Basil Highball 
  • New York Sour Highball 
  • Bourbon Highball 
  • 2 shots of bourbon 
  • 2 bottle of Demory Astroblond Pils 
  • Not sure if I forgot one …


Der Weg zum Bartender. Eine Art Zwischenstop. Gespräch mit Frank Thelen. talk jrgmyr

Seit einigen Monaten interviewe ich von Zeit zu Zeit Bartender. Wie wird man Bartender? Wie ist der Weg? Unsere Gespräche sind Zwischenstops. Denn die Reise geht weiter...

Im Juli 2015 sprach ich mit Frank Thelen. Seit dem 1.9.2015 arbeitet Frank nunmehr im Le Lion. Und wir sind froh, dass er uns mit seiner sympathischen Art und seinem Können unterstützt.

Photo via Frank Thelen von Fotografie Wolfgang Simm - www.facebook.com/wolfgang.simm


Simon Siemsglüss erzählt über seinen Weg zum Brauer, seine BUDDELSHIP Brauerei und seine Biere

Seit einigen Monaten verkaufen wir in unserer Boilerman Bar Biere aus der Buddelship Brauerei Hamburg. Und zwar recht erfolgreich. Andrej Busch, Barchef und Master Mind der Boilerman Bar, war auf die Biere aufmerksam geworden.

Hinter Buddelship steht kein großer Konzern wie bei Holsten, Astra oder auch RATSHERRN (Die Nordmann Gruppe mit dem griffigen Slogan "Just Craft . Real Taste"). Buddelship ist meines Verständnisses nach echtes "Craft Beer".

Und wie Simon schon bei seinen Auslandbesuchen feststellen durfte und wir hier im Gespräch erörtert, freuen wir uns in Zukunft auf weitere kleinere Brauereien in Hamburg. Jenseits der Konzerne. Geführt und besessen von brauenden Unternehmern - sozusagen: "Real Craft. Just Taste"

Für unseren Bildungstrinken Podcast haben Herr Bauer und meine Wenigkeit Simon in der Produktionsstätte besucht. Was ich gesehen habe, sowohl in Bezug auf Simon als auch auf seine Brauerei hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Wir werden das Sortiment von BUDDELSHIP in Kürze ausbauen. Die Produkte und das Wer und Wie dahinter haben mich überzeugt.

Link zum Interview mit Simon auf Soundcloud