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Rare Mixology Bartender Book - Collection No.I

I few month ago, a private collector offered me the greatest collations of old bar books I have ever seen in my life. The Collection is amazing. The prize was also. A few times of what I earn a year. So I though about who could be interested in buying such an amazing collection. Through my research on the great story about the CLUB DE CANTINEROS, I was in contact with the archives of Bacardi in Miami. I asked them if they like to buy this collation and I could fix a deal between Bacardi and the Collector. I hope that I will make it in the next month to follow the invitation of BACARDI and visit the Archive in Miami to do some research in this amazing Collection. I just bough a second and a third (much smaller collection) and will merge them soon and set up a catalog. If you like to get the catalog join my email Liquid (News) Letter here on the blog or send me an email. Ladies and Gentleman. Some Titles for your ebay and abebooks search clients ... enjoy the list: BACARDIS co

Standing Ovations: John Gertsen brought Bartending to TED Talks...

Year ago, I visited a bar in Boston. Park No. 9. And, all of a sudden, I had one of this very rare 110% nights in a bar. John Gertsen was behind the bar and mixed me the best Jack Rose I have had in my life. His drinks made me speechless. But seeing him bar tending this crowded bar made me even more speechless. John changed his working place. He opened a bar called DRINK at Forth Point in Boston. -> DRINK So I meet him at Cocktail & Spirits Paris and saw his amazing talk and had an amazing time with him again. Great Guy! And now, he made me speechless again. TED Talks to me is one of the greatest places on the Web and now, he is the first Bartender, I have ever seen doing a TEDx Talk. Well Done John, spread the love!